Container Yard

Yard Description
Integrate your Business and
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Our Container yard management system was developed to specifically cater to the needs of companies operating inland container ports, off dock container yards, container freight stations or container maintenance facilities. It provides the features and interfaces to allow an operator to run an efficient facility whilst collaborating with a complex array of business partners.
Our Container yard management system provides an integrated management system for the key components:

Basic Function 
- Gate
- Documentation
- Container Management 
- Charge 
- Report
- EDI 

With 3D Yard monitoring, you can get:
- Monitored yard situation in real-time Three-Dimensional view
- Detailed information of the storage container with just a click on a certain location.
- Maximized yard space utilization and effectiveness and reduces miss operation and confusion.

Mobile Yard Operation 
- Many container yards cannot serve the yard location by system in real time because of insufficient infrastructure.
- Yard supervisor can obtain the container/location information via 3G smart phone.
- Confirm and send the data after finishing the job in real-time to update current yard status. 

Yard Planning 
- Most of yard systems don’t have sophisticated yard planning function like terminal system.
- Our Yard Planning can allocate and guide appropriate yard location for gate in containers.
- When a truck gates in for empty/full pickup, system designates correct container and guide yard operation.

Reference of yard management 
- ICD in Thailand
- ODCY in China